Spent my days in Caye Caulker abiding by the motto of the island – Go Slow.   Although there is a sign on the main road that follows with “but keep moving” which I also like.   Caye Caulker is just three roads – front, middle and back which a bunch of laneways running in between, makes for a good commute.  The main industry is tourism (followed by fishing), so seems every house and building is a business of some sort catering to tourism.  There are no cars on the island – exceptions for the garbage pickup truck and the fire truck; just golf carts and bicycles.  The island is so small that you’re never more than a five minute walk from a great sunset spot.  Belize also is making a big effort to be the top three networks in the Caribbean by 2020; the island recently upgraded its network and wifi was great where I was staying making this a great digital nomad spot.  I’d stay longer if it wasn’t a maximum of 30 days visa.


Caye Caulker

San Pedro